Cappelli, Peter

Talent on demand: managing talent in an age of uncertainty - Boston Harvard Business Press 2008 - 280 pages : illustrations ; 25 cm

"In today's uncertain world, you can't forecast your business needs accurately, let alone your talent need. Moreover, an open labor market means inevitable leaks in your talent pipeline. And intensifying competition demands a maniacal focus on costs. Traditional investments in talent management are hugely expensive, especially when the employees you've carefully cultivated leave your firm for rivals. And outside hiring has become prohibitively expensive, while also delivering unreliable results." "In Talent on Demand, Peter Cappelli takes on these challenges by examining the talent management problem through a new lens. Drawing from state-of-the-art supply chain management and numerous company examples, he presents four new strategies for ensuring that your organization has the skills it needs - when it needs them."


Human capital

Personnel management

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