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The 10 most checked-out in the past 3 months
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Engineering Mathematics

Singh,Ravish R - McGraw Hill Education Private Limited India 2018 - xviii,18.142

Item type Books Checkouts: 44 Place hold
Accountancy Class XI: Including Very Short Answer Questions (VSA) of One Mark Each

Goel, D K; Goel, Rajesh & Goel, Shelly - Arya Publications Kala Amb 2013 - 30.10p.

Item type Checkouts: 16 Place hold
Perspectives in environmental studies /

Kaushik, Anubha. - New Age International New Delhi 2018 - xv, 280 pages :

Item type Books Checkouts: 14 Place hold
Modern Microeconomics

Koutsoyiannis, A. - Macmillan Press Ltd. London 2014 - xvii, 581p.

Item type Books Checkouts: 12 Place hold
Macroeconomics: Theories and Policies

Froyen, Richard T - Pearson Education,Ltd New Delhi 2009 - xii, 528p.

Item type Books Checkouts: 10 Place hold
Statistical Methods: Combined Edition (Volumes I & II)

Das, N G - McGraw-Hill Publishing company Limited New Delhi 2015 - xiv, 907p.

Item type Books Checkouts: 9 Place hold
A First Course in Probability

Ross, Sheldon - Pearson Education,Ltd New Delhi 2014 - 455p.

Item type Checkouts: 8 Place hold

Dornbusch, Rudiger; Fischer, Stanley & Startz, Richard - Tata McGraw Hill New Delhi 2009 - xxii, 629p.

Item type Books Checkouts: 6 Place hold
Basic Econometrics

Gujarati, Damodar N., Porter, Dawn C. and Gunasekar, Sangeetha - McGraw Hill Education (India) Pvt. Ltd. Chennai 2009 - xxiii,886p.

Item type Checkouts: 6 Place hold

Blanchard, Olivier - Pearson Education,Ltd New Delhi 2007 - xxiv, 587p.

Item type Books Checkouts: 5 Place hold