Davidson, Alan,

Social Media and Electronic Commerce Law Social media and ecommerce law Social media and e-commerce law Law of electronic commerce. - Second edition. - Cambridge Cambridge University Press 2016 - xxxiii, 439 pages ; 25 cm

First published as "The law of electronic commerce" in 2009.

Includes bibliographical references and index.

The ever-evolving nature of electronic commerce and social media continues to challenge the capacity of the courts to respond to privacy and security violations in 'cyberlaw'. This book is designed to provide students and practitioners with a thorough exploration of the laws, regulations and grey areas of commerce via online platforms.


Social media--Law and legislation.
Online social network--Law and legislation.
Electronic commerce--Law and legislation--Australia.
Electronic data interchange--Law and legislation--Australia.
Business records--Law and legislation--Australia.
Internet--Law and legislation--Australia.
Computer crimes--Law and Legislation--Australia.


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