Dodds, Klaus,

Geopolitics : a very short introduction / Klaus Dodds. - Second edition. - xviii, 157 pages : illustrations ; 18 cm. - Very short introductions ; 171 . - Very short introductions ; 171. .

Includes bibliographical references and index.

List of illustrations -- 1: It's essential to be geopolitical! -- 2: An intellectual poison? -- 3: Geopolitical architectures -- 4: Geopolitics and identity -- 5: Geopolitics and objects -- 6: Popular geopolitics -- References -- Further reading -- Index.

Geopolitics is a way of looking at the world: one that considers the links between political power, geography, and cultural diversity. In certain places such as Iraq, Lebanon, or Israel, moving a few feet either side of a territorial boundary can be a matter of life or death, dramatically highlighting the connections between place and politics. Even far away from these 'danger zones' - in Europe or the US for example - geopolitics remains an important part of everyday life. For a country's location and size as well as its sovereignty and resources all affect how the people that live there understand and interact with the wider world. In this new edition Klaus Dodds takes into account several world developments that have occurred since original publication, including the Arab Spring, the worldwide economic crisis, and the developing role of China in international politics. Using wide-ranging examples, from historical maps to James Bond films and the rhetoric of political leaders both past and present, this Very Short Introduction shows why, for a full understanding of contemporary global politics, it is not just smart - it is essential - to be geopolitical.

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Géopolitique--Manuels d'enseignement supérieur.
Politische Geographie.
Internationale Politik.

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