Research handbook on international competition law / edited by Ariel Ezrachi. - Cheltenham, UK ; Northampton, MA : Edward Elgar, c2012. - xxv, 588 p. ; 24 cm.

Includes bibliographical references and index.

Setting the scene : the scope and limits of "international competition law" / Competition law and extraterritoriality / Competition agency networks around the world / Building global antitrust standards : the ICN's practicable approach / "Jaw-jaw" not "law-law" : from treatises to meetings : the increasing informality and effectiveness of international cooperation / The role of NGOs in competition law enforcement / Greater international convergence and the behavioural antitrust gambit / Paths to competition advocacy / Competition law and developing economies : between "informed divergence" and international convergence / Private and public enforcement : complements, substitutes and conflicts : a global perspective / Criminal sanctions for cartels : the jury is still out / Cartels, extradition and concurrent criminal prosecution / Merger control : key international norms and differences / Unilateral conduct : the search for global standards / Market power -- the root of all evil? : a comparative analysis of the concepts of market power, dominance and monopolisation / Drawing the boundary between joint and unilateral conduct : parent-subsidiary relationships and joint ventures / Resale price maintenance in comparative perspective / Innovation, IPRs and EU competition law : cross currents in the EU/US debate / Recent US FTC antitrust-IP interface developments / The patent-competition interface in Asia : a regional approach? / Competition law and enforcement in the pharmaceutical industry / The consumer and competition policy : welfare, interest and engagement / Ariel Ezrachi -- Florian Wagner-von Papp -- Imelda Mohr and Anestis Papadolous -- Hugh M. Hollman, William E. Kovacic and Andrew S. Robertson -- Philip Marsden -- Pradeep S. Mehta, Udai S. Mehta and Cornelius Deub -- Maurice E. Stucke -- Allan S. Fels and Wendy Ng -- Kathryn McMahon -- Donald I. Baker -- Caron Beaton-Wells -- Michael O'Kane -- D. Daniel Sokol and William Blumenthal -- Giorgio Monti -- Hedvig Schmidt -- Alison Jones -- Ulf Bernitz -- Steven Anderman -- Alden F. Abbott and Dina Kallay -- Thomas K. Cheng -- Michael A. Carrier -- Phil Evans.


Antitrust law (International law)

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