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100 1 _aDunne, Niamh,
245 1 0 _aCompetition law and economic regulation :
_bmaking and managing markets /
_cNiamh Dunne.
260 _aUnited Kingdom
_bCambridge University Press
300 _axvii, 373 pages ;
_c24 cm
504 _aIncludes bibliographical references (pages 335-359) and index.
505 8 _aMachine generated contents note: 1. Introduction; 2. Competition law as regulation; 3. Regulation, deregulation and the space for competition law; 4. Concurrent application of competition law and regulation; 5. Institutional issues at the interface of competition law and regulation; 6. Analysis and conclusions.
520 _a"Niamh Dunne undertakes a systematic exploration of the relationship between competition law and economic regulation as legal mechanisms of market control. Beginning from a theoretical assessment of these legal instruments as discrete mechanisms, the author goes on to address numerous facets of the substantive interrelationship between competition law and economic regulation. She considers, amongst other aspects, the concept of regulatory competition law; deregulation, liberalisation and 'regulation for competition'; the concurrent application of competition law in regulated markets; and relevant institutional aspects including market study procedures, the distribution of enforcement powers between competition agencies and sector regulators, and certain legal powers that demonstrate a 'hybridised' quality lying between competition law and economic regulation. Throughout her assessment, Dunne identifies and explores recurrent considerations that inform and shape the optimal relationship between these legal mechanisms within any jurisdiction"--
650 0 _aCompetition, Unfair.
650 0 _aCompetition, Unfair
_zUnited States.
650 0 _aCompetition, Unfair
_zEuropean Union countries.
650 0 _aAntitrust law.
650 0 _aAntitrust law
_zUnited States.
650 0 _aAntitrust law
_zEuropean Union countries.
650 7 _aLAW / Antitrust.
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