Sameer Deshpande

Social Marketing in India - SAGE Response 2013 - 400p.

The book, an adaptation of Nancy Lee and Philip Kotler's highly successful book Social Marketing - Influencing Behaviors for Good 4th Edition is structured around the ten-step marketing planning process that trains and encourages social change managers to undertake a systematic and comprehensive approach to behavior change rather than jumping to the stage of producing just ads. The book illustrates these steps and related concepts through numerous examples that are of high quality and diverse contexts, It is one of the first books to bring together excellent social marketing thoughts related to the Indian situation at one place, The book will convince readers that social marketing is not just about producing posters or distributing condoms, it can do much more Through these discussions, the book proposes new ways to address old problems in sum, if you want to learn how to fix India's problems, this book is for you.
Table of Contents -

I - Understanding Socail Marketing
Defining Social Marketing
10 Steps in the Strategic Marketing Planning Process
16 Tips for Success
II - Analyzing the Socail Marketing Environment
Determining Research Needs and Options
Choosing a Purpose and Focus for Your Plan and Conducting a Situation Analysis
III - Selecting Target Audiences, Objectives and Goals
Segmenting, Evaluating and Selecting Target Audiences
Setting Behavior Objectives and Goals
Identifying Barriers, Benefits, the Competition and Influential Others
IV - Developing Social Marketing Strategies
Crafting a Desired Positioning
Product - Creating a Product Platform
Price - Determining Monetary and Nonmonetary Incentives and Disincentives
Place - Making Access Convenient and Pleasant
Promotion - Deciding on Messages, Messengers and Creative Strategies
Promotion - Selecting Communication Channels
V - Managing Social Marketing Programs
Developing a Plan for Monitoring and Evaluation
Establishing Budgets and Finding Funding
Creating an Implementation Plan and Sustaining Behavior
Appendix - Social Marketing Planning
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