Toffoletto, Alberto,

Competition law in Italy / Alberto Toffoletto, Alessandra Stabilini, Emilio de Giorgio, Roberta Guaineri, Domenico Gullo. - New York : Wolters Kluwer, 2014. - 270 pages ; 24 cm

"This book was originally published as a monograph in the International Encyclopaedia of Laws/Competition Law."

Includes bibliographical references (pages 267-268) and index.

Machine generated contents note: 1.General Background Of The Country
2.The Economic System
3.The Legal System
4.Historical Background Of Antitrust Law
ch. 1 Sources Of Antitrust Law
1.National Sources
2.International Sources
3.Secondary Sources
I.Regulations And Guidelines
4.Sources' Relation And Hierarchy
5.Role And Authority Of Precedents
ch. 2 Scope Of Application
1.Territorial Reach
2.Special Sectors
I.Insurance Sector
II.Telecommunications And Broadcasting Sectors
III.Banking Sector
IV.Transport Sector
3.State-Owned Enterprises And Public Utilities
4.Sensible Effect And De Minims
ch. 3 Overview Of Substantive Provisions
1.Restrictive Agreements
2.Dominant Undertakings
4.Other Prohibitions
5.Tests Of Illegality
I.Per Se Prohibitions And Naked Restraints
II.Balancing Tests
III.Merger Tests
ch. 4 Overview Of Main Notions
2.Relevant Market
Contents note continued: 3.Market Power/​Dominant Position
4.Agreements And Concerted Practices
I.Agreements Between Undertakings
II.Concerted Practices
III.Decisions By Associations Of Undertakings
5.Restriction Of Competition
6.Monopolization And Abuse Of Dominance
I.The Notion Of Concentration
II.The Notion Of Control
III.Dominance Test Versus SIEC
IV.Joint Dominance
8.Joint Ventures
ch. 5 Consequences Of Violations And Enforcement Institutions
1.Administrative Enforcement
I.The Antitrust Authorities
A.Formation, Composition
B.Investigating Powers
1.Restrictive Agreements And Abuses Of Dominant Position
3.General Sector Inquiries
C.Adjudicating Powers
D.Other Institutional Tasks
II.Government Direct Enforcement Activities
III.Other Administrative Agencies Applying Antitrust Rules
IV.Administrative Fines
V.Administrative Injunctions And Other Restrictive Orders
Contents note continued: VI.Interim Measures
2.Civil Enforcement
I.Competent Civil Courts
1.The Class Action In The Italian System
C.Interim Measures
3.Criminal Enforcement
I.Criminal Sanctions For Antitrust Violation
II.Other Application Of Criminal Law To Relevant Conducts
A.Applicability Of Article 2638 Of The Italian Civil Code To The Antitrust Authority's Instrumental Activity
B.The False Information Relevant For The Purposes Of Paragraph 1 Of Article 2638 Of The Italian Civil Code
C.The Obstructing Of The Antitrust Authority's Activity Under Paragraph 2 Of Article 2638 Of The Italian Civil Code
D.Anti-Competitive Behaviours In Breach Of Law No. 287/​90 And Common Offences Regulated By The Italian Criminal Code
III.Role Of Prosecutors
IV.Competent Criminal Courts
ch. 1 Restrictive Agreements
1.Horizontal Agreements
A.Price Fixing
1.Concerted Practices To Fix Prices
Contents note continued: 2.The Role Of Industry Associations
3.Professional Tariffs
B.Market/​client Allocation
C.Production/​innovation Limitation
D.Group Boycott
E.Collusion On Other Objects
2.Agreements On Other Objects
II.Information Exchange Practices
III.Cooperation Agreements
A.Research And Development
D.Joint Production
E.Joint Purchasing
F.Joint Selling
2.Vertical Agreements
A.Exclusive Distributorship
B.Exclusive Dealing
C.Selective Distribution
II.Technology Licensing
A.Patent Licensing
B.Trademark Licensing
C.Know-How And Trade Secret Licensing
ch. 2 Dominant Undertakings' Prohibited Practices
1.Exploitative Practices
I.Unfair (Excessive) Pricing
A.Exploitative Versus Exclusionary Discrimination
B.Exploitative Discrimination
2.Exclusionary Practices
Contents note continued: A.Notion And Requisites
B.The Measure Of Cost
C.Predation And Cross Subsidies
D.Predation And Pricing Below Cost Under The Law Of Unfair Competition
IV.Refusal To Deal
B.Essential Facilities
C.Refusal To Deal And Intellectual Property Rights
V.Price Squeeze
VI.Other Exclusionary Abuses
A.Exclusive Dealing And The English Clause
B.Market Pre-Emption &​ Raising Rivals' Costs
ch. 3 Concentrations
1.Horizontal Mergers
I.The Banking And Insurance Sectors
II.The Air Transport Sector
III.Telecommunications Sector (TLC)
2.Vertical Mergers
3.Market Product/​Extension Mergers
4.Pure Conglomerate Mergers
5.Joint Ventures
ch. 1 Administrative Investigations Before The Antitrust Authority
I.General Sector Inquiries
II.Ex Officio Investigations And Complaints
I.Request For Information
II.Investigating And Search Powers
Contents note continued: III.Cooperation With Other State Institutions
3.Right Of Defence
I.Content And Notification Of Opening Decisions
II.The Proceedings: Hearings, Access To Files, Briefs
III.Statement Of Objections
IV.Final Hearing And Decision
ch. 2 Voluntary Notifications And Clearance Decisions
ch. 3 Merger Control
1.Preliminary Filing Obligations
I.Criteria And Thresholds
II.Turnover Calculation
III.Other Relevant Notions
2.Structure Of Proceedings
I.Preliminary Assessment And Full Investigation
II.Time Framework
3.Clearance And Conditional Clearance
I.Conditions And Undertakings
4.Relations With Other Merger Control Authority
I.Other Authorities Within The Local Jurisdiction
II.International Coordination
ch. 4 Challenging Of The Administrative Decision
1.Competent Courts
2.Time Limits
3.Scope Of Judicial Review.


Antitrust law--Italy.

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